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Prevent Unwanted Adhesion with Release Liners

In many applications, adhesives are not meant to be used immediately and, therefore, we have to prevent them from sticking to any unwanted services prior to their proper usage. One example of a release liner in-use is on a band-aid. The white pieces of paper that are peeled off before adhering the bandage to the skin are release liners – they prevent the bandage from sticking to anything else before it is used for its actual purpose.

Available Release Liner Options

Ameri-Cal has developed a wide variety of paper and filmic based release liner systems, which are tailored to the release value your application requires.  These options include:

  • Lay-flat liners for sheeting
  • Light gauge liners for roll dispensing (SCK)
  • Backside coated liners for static/slip-control (“traction-coated”)
  • Poly-coated liners
  • Clear PET film liners
  • Double-sided liners (for self-wound)
  • Two-sided silicone liners
  • Custom liners

We understand the interactions between adhesives and release liners as they apply to trouble-free processing and ease of end application to the substrate. If you are experiencing tunneling, tight release, adhesive lock-up or other release liner issues, call Amer-Cal for help.

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