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Adhesive Coating Services

Whether you simply have an idea scribbled on a napkin and require additional guidance or you have a fully engineered product and are seeking a partner to process your request, Ameri-Cal has the right R&D team, technicians, and customer service specialists in place to help you.

Our toll coating manufacturers and process engineers have decades of adhesive coating experience and extensive training in Lean Manufacturing techniques.  Our coating lines are continuously upgraded with new technology to achieve higher quality and faster turnaround times.

Toll Coating Manufacturers with a Customer-Centric Approach

Ameri-Cal offers the latest in solvent and water based adhesive technologies, including the ability to customize adhesives to meet demanding applications and end product testing requirements.

Our capabilities allow for adhesive coatings up to 6 mils dry and up to 36 inches wide.  Our flexibility also allows us to pattern coat and provide dry edges to eliminate edge ooze problems.

Toll Coating With Solvent & Water Based Adhesives

We understand that even the most experienced manufacturers sometimes require extra time, employee resources, or specialized equipment that they do not have in house- or sometimes a project simply isn’t big enough to warrant performing the service under your own roof.  This is where Ameri-Cal can step in to help.  We are happy to coat a product with your own raw materials or work together to combine our technologies and resources to give you the finished product you need.

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