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Case Study: Improved Performance at Competitive Cost

Problem: A driveshaft label manufacturer (a big box store “preferred converter”) was having a problem getting a label with a premium adhesive to adhere quickly. An employee wiped a small…

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Case Study: Better Process Control Results in Cost Reduction

Problem: A tier 2 automotive customer had a demanding spacing tape application, but due to adhesive residue, it was losing 30% of finished product and paying for large returns. As…

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Case Study: Product Construction Customization

Problem: A customer required a very aggressive adhesive for labeling a low surface energy substrate. The labels were kiss cut by the customer and the matrix was stripped before rewinding.…

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Chemical Resistant Adhesive Product Development

Problem: A customer had a difficult solvent resistance test that required a label to adhere to a low surface energy substrate while surviving a soak test in a hydrocarbon solvent.…

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Case Study: Customer Process Cost Reduction

Problem: A customer was buying an Ameri-Cal transfer film for lamination to thick polyester sheets that were used for dimensional stability in the next step of their process. They needed…

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