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Labeling Adhesive: Improved Performance at Competitive Cost


A driveshaft label manufacturer was having a problem getting a label with a premium adhesive to adhere quickly. Serving dual purposes as an identification and asset tag, it was vital for the label to adhere to the driveshaft in high performance situations. Oil is sprayed on the driveshafts to prevent corrosion and prior to adhesive application, employees quickly wipe the auto parts with the side of their gloves. However, after repeatedly wiping off many drive shafts using the same gloves, the gloves get progressively dirtier and more covered in oil so that very little oil is successfully removed from where the adhesive needs to be applied. The employees could not use cleaner prior to application as this would remove the corrosion inhibiting oil and for efficiency reasons, changing gloves with each driveshaft was unreasonable. With driveshafts reaching speeds over 2,000 RPM, the labels couldn’t maintain adhesion.


Using chemical solubility principles, Ameri-Cal selected an adhesive with a high molecular weight that was somewhat chemical resistant. The adhesive polymer was also built with performance properties that could absorb the excess oil instead of repelling it. This allowed the label to form a secure, durable bond with the steel below. Manufactured at a competitive cost, the labels held tight in the jig during spin tests offering a win-win scenario for the customer.

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