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Lower Cost Solution for Adhesive Transfer Film Product


A customer was buying an Ameri-Cal transfer film for lamination to thick polyester sheets that were used for dimensional stability in the next step of their process. They looked to reduce manufacturing costs associated with the lamination process. Like many scenarios we encounter, the customer settled for the best solution they had in-house without realizing Ameri-Cal could process their product and sell it to them for much less than they were currently spending.


While observing the customer’s labor-intensive process, an Ameri-Cal sales rep recommended a pre-laminated PET sheet. This eliminated the lamination step from the production process, significantly reducing the overall product cost.  The customer was excited not only about the quality improvement and cost savings, but also the competitive advantage it created. Many of our customers know very little about adhesives beyond the catalog solutions of our big competitors. Companies like Ameri-Cal provide a consultative approach that is tailor-made to solve unique problems that fit specific requirements. In many cases, Ameri-Cal is providing a solution that customers can’t get out of a catalog, which is what sets us apart from many of our larger competitors.

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