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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film Grid Seal Products

For more than 10 years, customers have relied on Ameri-Cal to produce pressure sensitive adhesive film barriers for their consumer products. These film barriers, better known as grid seal products, act as a vapor barrier to prevent liquid and gel products, such as deodorants and air fresheners, from spoiling, evaporating and drying out before the consumer opens them.

Since the top of a plastic container can be curved and slippery, it takes material science expertise, as well as state-of-the-art, high-performance adhesive technology, to manufacture grid seal products that will properly adhere to the surface of a container – especially during shipment and while in retail storage. In both cases, grid seals are critical because they prevent gels and liquids from being exposed to the air. Equally important, consumers need to be able to remove grid seals without leaving any adhesive residue on the container that can come into contact with their skin.

Take a look at how we helped a Fortune 100 company develop a customized pressure sensitive adhesive film for their gel deodorants.

Customization is Key  

When we talk about grid seal products, off-the-shelf solutions won’t cut it. Every product and container is different, so customization is key. In this case, our Fortune 100 customer required a grid seal that was flexible enough to cover a contoured surface, properly adhere to it and withstand pressures and chemical vapors that could potentially cause the seal to fail.

In this case, we worked with the customer to design a pressure sensitive adhesive film that combined polypropylene with a thin aluminum layer to serve as a good vapor barrier. Since the deodorants were going to be sold at stores all across America, the grid seals had to be able to withstand various temperatures and air pressures inside the deodorant capsule.

This innovative solution combined an adhesive and face film backing that were selected from among tens of thousands of adhesives and a myriad of sealant barrier materials. Our experience and expertise with grid seal products allowed us to customize the only adhesive/seal combination that met all the requirements for this particular health and beauty manufacturer.

Technical Services  

In addition to our material science expertise, high-performance adhesive technology and ability to produce highly customized grid seal products, we also provide world-class technical services to our valued customers, including:

  • On-sight technical support and assistance during startup  
  • Troubleshooting assistance  

Whether you’re looking for a similar solution or have a different application issue to solve – you can count on Ameri-Cal’s high-performance adhesive systems. Contact us.

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