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The basic definition of high-performance adhesives has nothing to do with its level of tackiness but everything to do with its degree of success. 
Ameri-Cal works strictly with products classified as high performance, capable of providing nearly limitless customized solutions when “off-the-shelf” or catalog products fail to meet specifications. A high-performance adhesive solution can be high-tack, low-tack or anything in between.  Just as critical for success, a high-performance solution involves a combination of the right choice of adhesive paired with the proper film.  

The similarity between all of these adhesives is that they meet the customer’s application requirements for the entirety of the desired lifespan, regardless of environment. 
Imagine labels on vaccine vials that are stored in extreme cold and then experience the stark contrasting change to room temperature when removed from storage for use. Those labels need to remain fixed to the vial for human health and safety. Another type  could involve a product with low tack, easily removable, that simply acts as a spacing tool or mechanism to assist with vehicle identification—to help properly space letters or serial numbers, such as the silver letters on the back of a car to identify its model or manufacturer.  

When looking for your custom adhesive solution, trust the experts at Ameri-Cal for an answer with staying power.  

Key factors to consider: 

The environment the label and adhesive will encounter, such as weather conditions, processing steps or usage:

  • high heat  
  • extreme cold 
  • UV light exposure  
  • liquids causing wet or slippery conditions (i.e. water, grease and oil) 
  • harsh chemical interaction  

The substrate or type of surface that requires bonding with the adhesive:

  • Acrylics 
  • Glass 
  • Laminates 
  • Low surface energy plastics 
  • Metals 
  • Powder coated paints 
  • Rubber 
  • Wood 

Desired bonding characteristics:

  • quick release 
  • repositionable 
  • tamper evident 
  • temporary 
  • permanent (i.e. lifetime of product)  

Often the search for these performance adhesives begins when the customer encounters a problem, and tries adding more of the same adhesive that failed the first time. 

Before trying a new series of off the shelf or catalog adhesives not designed for harsh or challenging conditions, come to the experts at Ameri-Cal. We offer our own full-service in-house laboratory equipped to develop and test countless variations of any custom adhesive product.  Or we can simply consult on an adhesive project already in the works. Give us a call at 330-725-7735 or fill out a contact form.  

Industries Ameri-Cal services with high-performance adhesives include: 

  • Aerospace 
  • Automotive 
  • Electronics 
  • Medical/Healthcare 
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) 
  • Outdoor power equipment 
  • Recreational vehicles 
  • Security 
  • Tamper evident labels 
  • Warning labels 
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