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At Ameri-Cal we specialize in finding solutions that fit our customers’ unique parameters. We develop and match up our high-quality custom adhesives as part of pressure sensitive product offerings for the printing, laminating and converting industries. Where standard catalogue listings fail, we step in with products that combine quality with performance for a broad range of industry applications.

Automotive, Flooring and Textured Surfaces

Multiple scenarios require a consistent, low surface energy (LSE) adhesive that performs well in challenging environments, such as extreme temperatures or exposure to potential contaminants. We offer an adhesive that finds extensive use in the automotive industry under the hood, particularly for curved surfaces with potential exposure to oily substances. Other applications that might call for a low-surface energy adhesive system also include curved glass surfaces in combination with domed decals, for thorough and long-lasting adhesion without popping off or flagging on the edges.

This particular industrial adhesive solution works well on textured surfaces such as bricks or slick surfaces to adhere labels on factory floors, construction sites or even grocery stores. End-user projects include safety warnings or caution tape; they can supply directions, provide instructions or even offer branding or promotional opportunities in retail settings.


Applications that require labels to adhere to concrete, pebbled surfaces, asphalt or pavement can rely on Ameri-Cal for a soft, yet strong adhesive system that flows into the valleys of textured surfaces and attaches for long-term, durable and strong fastening. The flow and bite of this softer industrial adhesive directly contrasts harder adhesive that rest on the peak of textured surfaces and provide a less secure hold.

This opens new possibilities for technological innovation where normally a pressure sensitive adhesive or label would not be able to adhere or at least, wouldn’t be able to adhere with any degree of permanency. Certain technological applications can experience time savings and trim expenses compared to typical or traditional methods of operation. The superior flow combined with strong adhesive properties make this a breakthrough product for certain industrial and technological applications.

Fabric and Textiles

Garment makers and other textile applications might require fabric tear, or visible damage to the item to prevent the label from falling off.Many adhesives rest on the surface of the fabric or textile, or require a hot melt procedure prior to label application. We can offer a soft adhesive with excellent flow characteristics that sinks into the very fibers of the textile or garment for superior adhesion. It removes the necessity for a hot melt procedure to save time and equipment costs and operations.

Protective Masking

Pressure sensitive labels used as masking agents can supply multiple functions depending on the application. These masks can either protect the surface area of a machine or product or help guide and direct placement of corporate branding or letters.

We offer a series of industrial adhesive systems that offer protective masking capabilities often utilized for temporary adhesion in the automotive and electronics industries, to meet demanding, high-performance requirements.

Masking films make use of adhesives that supply a temporary bond, easily removable after use without marring a product or leaving residue behind. The automotive industry for example, utilizes this strategy for paint masking and for proper spacing of letters or logos on cars and trucks.

The proper adhesive on a temporary, pressure sensitive label can withstand high heat treatments then remove cleanly without residue or ghosting. Facing tapes supply a dual purpose in protecting the surface or finish of an automobile or truck while allowing workers to properly line up letters for a consistent and even spacing, then remove cleanly, without leaving any indication an adhesive was on the surface paint.

When standard catalogue adhesives cause labels to fail, the consequences can range from simply annoying to dangerous and damaging. These samples represent a small fraction of the many solutions Ameri-Cal’s expertise has supplied for our customers across multiple industries. When you encounter a difficult situation, trust Ameri-Cal. We’ve got more than 50 years’ worth of experience supplying high-quality, custom transfer adhesives and pressure sensitive products to companies domestically and overseas. Contact us or give us a call at 330-725-7735.

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