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Markets We Serve with Custom Adhesive Solutions

In this day and age, the number of applications that any screen printer, label converter or manufacturer encounters is limitless. That’s why we offer an expanded line of roll and sheet products to meet your specific requirements.

Serving Many Industries with a Wide Range of Applications

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As a Tier 3 supplier to the automotive industry, Ameri-Cal understands the need for high-performance adhesive systems that sole new problems at a reasonable cost. Our pressure sensitive adhesive systems encompass multiple chemistries and hybrid products to expand the number of options for our customers.

  • Under Hood
  • Surface Protection
  • Interior Bonding

Learn more about our performance adhesive development for the automotive industry here.

Ameri-Cal has developed three generations of adhesive constructions that meet various UL specifications for membrane switch applications. From low surface energy to high-temperature environments, Ameri-Cal has a custom solution for you.

  • Membrane Switch Spacers
  • Overlay mounting
  • UL 746c Compliance

Read more about our custom adhesive solutions for electronics and electronic components.

With an emphasis on appearance, it’s important that the Health and Beauty industry include only the best materials throughout the product development process. Ameri-Cal understands the reliance on branding and product design, and we can work with you to enhance the appeal and usability of your products. We’ve worked on products, such as:

  • Deodorant Grid Seal
  • Packaging Laminates
  • Transdermal

If you would like additional information on our custom adhesives for the health and beauty market, learn more here.

For nearly four decades, Ameri-Cal has been a trusted supplier to the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry. As new challenges have arisen, Ameri-Cal has consistently been a market leader in the development of new technology to meet our customer’s specialty needs. From the decal construction to application methods, Ameri-Cal has provided custom solutions to overcome difficult problems.

Our constructions are used to make high-performance warning labels plus hood and related decals that are applied to low surface energy plastics and powder coated paints.

  • Plastic Shroud Adhesion
  • Scratch & UV Resistant Films
  • Overlaminates
  • Powder Coated Paint Adhesion

For more information on our custom adhesive technologies for outdoor power equipment, read more here.

Ameri-Cal offers state-of-the-art tamper evident PSA constructions. Our knowledge of silicone release, adhesive technology, and PET films gives us the ability to create products that reduce the chance of premature activation of the void pattern. With service temperatures from -70F to 350F, Ameri-Cal has products to suit your security application needs.

  • Tamper Evidence
    • Cryogenic Adhesive (-90C)
    • Low Trigger Facestocks
    • Delayed Trigger
    • Custom Peel/Trigger
  • Destruct Bond PSA
    • 80+ oz. Loop Track
    • LSE and Oily Surface Bonding
    • Frangible Facestocks

Adhesive systems containing taggants or those required for high-performance warning labels can also be provided. Learn more here.

Case Studies

Read our recent Case Studies to learn how we turned problems our customers faced into customized solutions.

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