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Custom Electronics Adhesive Solutions

Product demand, technological innovations, and evolving regulatory requirements force OEMs to look for the right companies that can best support them.

Over the years, Ameri-Cal has worked closely with manufactures and converters to ensure that their products meet expectations for overall performance and longevity. We’re sensitive to their leading concerns, including when to release products, how to remain profitable and gain market share.

Innovative Electronics Adhesive Solutions

For example, we have developed three generations of adhesive solutions that meet various UL specifications for membrane switch applications. From low surface energy to high-temperature environments, Ameri-Cawill create a custom solution for you, including: 

  • Membrane Switch Spacers  
  • Overlay mounting 
  • UL 746c Compliance

With our constructions, Membrane Switch Spacers are able to guard against lifting and resist moisture even in tough environments.

Electronics designers routinely trust Ameri-Cal as they concentrate on new products that must impress investors as well as individual and business consumers who expect adhesive and other elements to last. 

Our team has the expertise to create custom solutions for any of your needs. Rely on our decades of experience. With the precise formulation, your products can function well.

Ameri-Cal Provides Custom Adhesive for Unique Electronic Requirements

Count on our custom adhesives to be everything that you would want, including bonding compatibility with appropriate materials, consistent thickness and much more. 

Ameri-Cal has a strong track record of meeting the requests and requirements of many different customers.

Please contact us today if you are unsure about what solution might be best for you or if you have any additional questions about how we serve the electronics market. 

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