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Bottle Labeling Adhesive for Health and Beauty

With an emphasis on appearance, it’s important that the health and beauty industry include only the best materials throughout the product development process.

Ameri-Cal understands the reliance on branding and product design, and we can work with you to enhance the appeal and usability of your products. We’ve worked on products such as:

  • Deodorant Grid Seal
  • Packaging Laminates
  • Transdermal products

Bottle Labeling Adhesive Solutions for Health and Beauty Needs

On any store shelf, beauty brands must look sharp to consumers who may be turned off by missing or damaged labels.

It’s vital that our cosmetics and bottle labeling adhesive constructions adhere to challenging product shapes and sizes. At the same time, they must be resistant to everyday use and normal wear, including exposure to many types of oils and lotions.

Within the health care industry, performance is paramount for the legal requirements that manufacturers face, as well as their reputations and the costs tied to patient outcome data.

Custom-Developed Adhesives for Health & Beauty Products

You can confidently trust that our adhesives will match your company’s needs, including bonding compatibility with appropriate materials, consistent thickness and much more.

Ameri-Cal has a great reputation for meeting requirements and special requests of many different customers.

Please contact us today if you are unsure about what solution might be best for you or if you have any additional questions about how we serve the health and beauty market.

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