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High Performance Adhesives for Outdoor Equipment

For nearly four decades, Ameri-Cal has been a trusted supplier to the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry.

As new challenges have arisen, we have consistently been a market leader in the development of new technology to meet our customer’s specialty needs. From the decal construction to application methods, Ameri-Cal has provided custom solutions to overcome difficult problems. 

Our constructions are used to make high-performance warning labels, snowblower, lawn mower, and ATV decals that are applied to low surface energy plastics and powder coated paints. 

Custom High Performance Adhesive for the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry

The stakes are high because even the smallest labels and decals must last without falling off or having print that fades over time. 

Consumers may develop a poor image of a brand and product quality. Manufacturers could be vulnerable to legal concerns if warning labels don’t stay in place. Industry standards and regulatory requirements underscore the importance of labels that need to survive on different surface types, in different environments, and with a variety of printing technologies. 

Adhesive Technology that Can Endure Harsh Environments

The reality is that outdoor power equipment must endure many factors – and the labels must be durable. Ultraviolet (UV) exposure is just one of the variables. With the wrong adhesive, labels are prone to crack or fall apart when machines are running or being cleaned. They must withstand a wide range of temperatures, moisture, grease, dirt, solvents and a number of harsh chemicals. 

Ameri-Cal has built a solid reputation while handling unique requests from our diverse customers. Based on our team’s expertise, we create high performance adhesives and custom solutions on a regular basis.

Please contact us today if you are unsure about which solution might be best for you or if you have any additional questions about how we serve the outdoor power equipment market. 

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