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3 Steps for Creating Pressure Sensitive Labels for Outdoor Applications

Outdoor power equipment is exposed to various unique environmental factors, from extreme temperatures—both high and low—to consistent UV and chemical exposure. These factors can quickly degrade adhesives used in the equipment’s labels, resulting in cracking and peeling that is not only frustrating for the end users but potentially dangerous if critical warning labels lose their durability.  

We have gathered three simple steps for creating long-lasting pressure sensitive labels for outdoor applications. Read on to explore these key steps and how adhesive experts at Ameri-Cal are uniquely positioned to help you

Follow These 3 Steps to Create Better Pressure Sensitive Labels for Outdoor Applications

Step 1: Evaluate the End Product 

The best adhesive technology for your needs is tailored to the end product’s material and function. As you evaluate the product your pressure sensitive labels will be adhered to, pay attention to key specifications, such as the product’s material. Different materials have different surface energies, an important consideration when choosing an adhesive that will adhere the best. It is also important to know if the product’s temperature will change—heating up when in use and cooling down when turned off—and if the product will interact with chemicals frequently. These characteristics can degrade certain adhesives, so knowing the ins and outs of your product will help determine the optimal solution

Step 2: Evaluate the Product’s Environment

Outdoor applications are often exposed to a range of temperatures and chemicals, in addition to frequent UV exposure. This can degrade pressure sensitive labels that aren’t equipped with the right adhesive. Evaluating the environment the product will be used in will provide you with answers as to what the adhesive technology must withstand in order to remain durable for decades to come. 

Step 3: Choose the Right Adhesive Converter

Once you know what environmental and product specifications your adhesive will need to meet, it is time to find a converter to factor in those challenges and develop a long-lasting solution.    

When choosing an adhesive technology partner, consider the following factors: 

  • Facility: The right adhesive converter will have all of the necessary equipment and space needed to produce the best solution for you. At Ameri-Cal, we have advanced equipment to provide coating, sheeting, and slitting solutions for your adhesive needs. 
  • Scale: Partnering with an adhesive converter that can handle your order volume, no matter how large or small, is important to consider. At Ameri-Cal, we have low minimums, setting us apart from other converters. We will take on your project regardless of size and scale with you along the way.
  • Capabilities: Each adhesive solution is different and it is important to choose an adhesive converter that can provide you with various solutions for your specific needs. Ameri-Cal has the capabilities in coating, sheeting, and slitting, as well as various materials that are needed for a variety of industries and products.  
  • Customization Options: Adhesive solutions need to be created to work for you. Working with an adhesive converter that will strive to understand your needs and applications and come up with a solution that will fit your needs successfully is crucial to your adhesive’s success. At Ameri-Cal, we don’t want you to have to pick an adhesive solution from a catalog, we will work closely with you to come up with your unique solution
  • Past Success: Track records can say a lot about a company. Looking into the past projects your adhesive converter has completed, and how happy those customers are with the outcome can help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for you. Ameri-Cal works tirelessly to ensure our customers’ needs are met, whatever their application may be.  

Contact Ameri-Cal to Create Quality Pressure Sensitive Labels for Outdoor Applications

At Ameri-Cal, we have the team, tools, and technical expertise to ensure you have long-lasting pressure sensitive labels for outdoor applications. Our consultative approach allows us to identify your individual needs, understand the application, and provide you with data from internal tests so we can design a fitting adhesive solution that meets your needs.  

Our facilities house innovative machinery that can produce high-quality products with efficiency while producing less waste. From coating to slitting to sheeting and our extensive list of products, we have the capabilities to produce the best adhesive application for your needs.  

Follow these three key steps and contact our team today to start the process of developing your ideal pressure sensitive labels for outdoor applications.       

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