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A-90 PSA Redefines Industry Standards

Ameri-Cal Corp. redefines “industry standard” for pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) with the launch of its newly developed product, the A-90 PSA.  A-90 becomes the class leader at ambient and high-temperature shear compared to the current industry standard. Whereas other high-shear adhesives can have issues wetting or getting a good grip on the intended surface, A-90 is unique among this class of adhesives, simultaneously supplying higher tack and stronger, long-term adhesion. 

Performance Testing 

In one critical performance measure, the A-90 exhibited excellent solvent resistance in a gasoline immersion test. A peel test shows the A-90 meets or exceeds industry standard performance for 72-hour dwell at room temperature on 2 MIL PET facestock. Experience ultra-clean die cutting due to the A-90 PSA’s high temperature shear performance.  

Its adhesion strength at higher temperatures makes the A-90 PSA an excellent choice for electronics, automotive under-hood projects and other applications in general manufacturing that require strong, long-lasting bonding properties.   

A-90 Basic Properties 

Designed for polar surfaces with medium to high-surface energy, Ameri-Cal’s new A-90 PSA is optically clear and UV stable. It’s available on transfer film or laminated facestock on either 2 MIL or 5 MIL thicknesses.  

The development team set out to meet a request from customers who had asked Ameri-Cal to match a big box store product. The resulting product, the A-90, met and/or exceeded expectations with impressive performance data, setting a new industry standard for that class of adhesive. Customers will frequently turn to Ameri-Cal when catalog or off-the-shelf products fail to meet their specifications.  

Contact us to learn more about the new A-90 PSA and how our team can help select the best adhesive system for your application.

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