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Achieve Long-Lasting Labels with Custom Outdoor Adhesive Solutions

Outdoor equipment endures a unique environment and requires innovative adhesive solutions equipped to withstand the heat and high-impact usage of the application. This specialized equipment is also exposed to UV rays more often than other applications, which can degrade adhesive solutions and cause labels to become brittle with prolonged exposure. This requires a specialized adhesive technology designed with this in mind.

In order to achieve long-lasting labels that won’t degrade or lose durability with use and age, choose custom outdoor adhesive solutions made to your precise requirements. Skilled adhesive converters can transform adhesive technology into custom solutions that better serve end users and endure their unique outdoor applications for years to come.

Read on to explore the features a long-lasting outdoor adhesive must offer, the risks associated with using standard adhesive technologies not built for outdoor applications, and how you can partner with a strong adhesive converter to achieve the best results.

Key Features of Better Outdoor Adhesive Solutions 


Labels on lawnmowers, outdoor equipment, and other outdoor applications are exposed to UV rays, which can degrade the label and weaken it with age and exposure. Outdoor adhesive technologies must account for this increased UV exposure and remain durable despite it. 

Withstand a Wide Range of Temperatures and Weather

Outdoor equipment is exposed to the elements, which can range from high summer heat to icy winter lows. Year-round, labels on outdoor equipment must remain strong and resistant to temperature changes. This requires the support of a custom adhesive solution designed for this unique environment. 

Outdoor equipment is also exposed to varying weather conditions, including rain. Rain or shine, customers must be able to count on their labels lasting. With the help of a custom adhesive converter, you can count on quality that endures better than competitors. 

Remain Strong with Grease, Dirt, and Solvents

Outdoor equipment is often exposed to grease and dirt due to the nature of the application, which might wear away at standard adhesive technologies. With a custom approach, you can ensure that your labels remain strong. 

Outdoor labels must also resist cracking or falling apart when being cleaned with solvents or harsh chemicals. With the wrong adhesive, users may not be able to read their label, which can frustrate customers and may prevent them from repurchasing. Ensure your labels stay strong with exposure to grease, dirt, and solvents with the right adhesive technology specially designed for the job. 

When you partner with an adhesive converter to develop a custom solution, they’ll take the time to understand what chemicals and substances the label may be exposed to, then create a unique solution built to withstand them.

Compatible with a Range of Surfaces 

Outdoor equipment often uses a variety of material types to ensure high performance within a unique application, and label makers must choose outdoor adhesive technologies that are compatible with different surface types. By pursuing a custom adhesive solution with a skilled converter, you can count on your adhesive technology to adhere where you need it and stay there for years to come. 

Risks of Using the Wrong Outdoor Adhesive Technology

Choosing to go the standard route and using standard adhesive instead of a custom outdoor adhesive solution can cause labels that don’t last in their application. This may reflect poorly on the brand and its product’s quality and may deter customers from repurchasing. Not only is the experience of a peeling or cracking label frustrating for consumers, but it’s also potentially dangerous. 

You must consider industry standards and regulatory requirements of adhesive technologies. Without the right approach, required warning labels may fall off or have faded printing, which can result in legal concerns for manufacturers. Provide a better, safer experience for end users with the right adhesive technology designed for your unique needs. 

Choose Ameri-Cal for Custom Outdoor Adhesive Solutions

Instead of settling for adhesive technology poorly suited to the outdoors, partner with a skilled adhesive converter who can develop a custom solution. At Ameri-Cal Corp, we’re committed to delivering higher quality, custom outdoor adhesive solutions to businesses in need. We take a consultative approach to our partnerships with our customers, taking the time to understand your needs so we can address them with a tailored solution that matches your precise requirements. 

At Ameri-Cal, we seek to meet the needs of our customers comprehensively. Whether you require skilled, swift adhesive slitting, sheeting, or coating, we have the team and technology to serve you. We can also develop face films, release liners, transfer films, and other custom adhesive technologies. We have a long history of success in developing custom, cost-saving solutions for customers in need within a variety of industries, and we’re eager to serve your needs with a tailored solution.

Contact our team to get started and empower your needs with better outdoor adhesive solutions today.

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