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Key Custom Adhesive Applications and Advantages

Adhesives are vital to many applications, and custom adhesive products and solutions can better address your unique needs and challenges. Virtually every industry has custom adhesive applications that could benefit from the support of an expert partner like Ameri-Cal. Partnering with a skilled adhesive converter will supply you with custom adhesive products and solutions that will empower your operations with more efficiency, longevity, and cost savings.  

Don’t settle for standard—learn more about key custom adhesive applications and advantages and how you can partner with the right adhesive converter to find the best fit for your needs. 

Custom Adhesive Applications

Custom adhesive products and technologies are a strong asset to a wide array of industries, including: 

Health and Beauty

From deodorant grid seals to packaging laminates to transdermal technologies and more, custom adhesive solutions enhance the visual appeal and usability of health and beauty products


Membrane switch spaces, overlay mounting, and other adhesive technologies must be developed with UL specifications and unique temperatures in mind. Turning to a custom adhesive converter for your electronic adhesive needs will ensure you are meeting tight specifications. 

Outdoor Power Equipment

The safety information for outdoor power equipment needs to be prominently displayed at all times for the safety of the user. Custom adhesive solutions ensure that warning labels and related decals are long-lasting and specialized for unique environments and materials with low surface energy. 


The adhesives used for tamper-evident seals and other security measures need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures, both high and low. Custom adhesive products are vital to creating durable, temperature-resistant security applications, like tamper-evident or destruct bond pressure-sensitive adhesives.


Whether it is under the hood, on the interior, or on the exterior of the vehicle, superior bonding, and enhanced surface protection are crucial characteristics for automotive adhesives that only custom adhesive technologies can deliver. 

Custom Adhesive Advantages

Custom adhesive products and technologies are designed to address your unique requirements and challenges. These innovative and personalized solutions offer many advantages to your business, including: 

  • Streamlining Operations: When you work with a custom adhesive converter, you know the adhesive will serve your exact need with the exact specifications, eliminating the trial and error of trying to find the right solution.
  • Raise the Quality of Your Product: Custom adhesive applications provide solutions to your specific needs, ensuring your adhesive can withstand its environment and serve its desired purpose. 
  • Solve Your Unique Challenges: Each project presents challenges, so instead of wasting time trying to find a solution, work with a custom adhesive converter to get your unique solutions from the get-go. 
  • Support Your Bottom Line: No more wasting time or money on adhesives that will fail. Custom adhesive products solve your problem and provide long-lasting solutions. 
  • Beat the Competition: Your custom adhesive will provide the durability needed for whatever your application is, meaning while your competitor’s adhesives are damaged and faded, yours is pristine. 

Partnering with the Right Adhesive Converter for Your Custom Adhesive Application

When you are ready to empower your organization with custom adhesive solutions, the next step is finding a great partner to support you. The right custom adhesive converter will have the facility, capabilities and consultative approach to properly address your needs.


Developing a high-quality custom adhesive application requires the right machinery and technology to bring your solution to life. At Ameri-Cal, we are dedicated to bringing you the best machinery so we can provide our customers with high-quality products that are manufactured quickly. With our adhesive coating lines continuously upgraded with new technology, our efficient, durable, and in-house custom adhesive sheeting machinery that can trim adhesives to any size, and our slitting machinery that is outfitted with the latest tooling technology to provide the right tension control at all times, we are able to meet all of your adhesive needs.    


Your custom adhesive application may require a range of services, so it is important your adhesive converter has the capabilities to fully support your needs. Ameri-Cal offers comprehensive toll coating services so you never have to settle for an off-the-shelf product that won’t fit your specific application. From coating to slitting to sheeting, we have everything needed to create your custom adhesive solution. 

Consultative Approach

You have unique needs and challenges that need to be addressed in your high-quality custom adhesive application, and the right partner will take a consultative approach to understand them. Ameri-Cal’s sales model differs from the big box store companies, we take the time to identify your individual needs instead of reducing your issue to a catalog option. Understanding the application, internally testing the specifications you provide us with, and supplying you with data gives us the opportunity to work with you to create the perfect design suitable to your adhesives project.

Contact Ameri-Cal for Quality Custom Adhesive Applications Today

At Ameri-Cal, we are committed to creating innovative custom adhesive technologies to solve complex challenges. We have the team, technology, and technical expertise to support your unique needs with quality custom adhesive applications.  

We have the latest technology to serve all of your adhesive needs with low minimums, short lead times and less waste. We work to understand your process so we can offer design options that prevent future problems from occurring. Whether you need coating, sheeting, or slitting, we have the materials, equipment, and team to get the job done. Our innovative and durable designs have been successful in the automotive, electronics, health and beauty, outdoor power equipment, and security industry. 

Contact our team to get started today. 

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