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Industry’s Top Labeling Adhesive for Many Security Applications

New Market Possibilities Open for Security Labeling

Security has taken on new meaning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to the fundamental financial concerns for security. One behavior that’s skyrocketing is consumer reliance on remote or online food ordering and delivery, whether curbside pickup, takeout or actual delivery services.

According to a Gallup poll, curbside pickup and restaurant takeout exhibited double-digit growth and a Wall Street Journal article says this behavior is becoming entrenched in our society, even as we start to emerge from quarantine. Health safety opens up new avenues for use of high-performance, tamper evident films and labeling adhesives. Reliable labels or stickers must assure consumers that food purchases are secure from the point of ordering, through delivery to their doorstep.

Durable Labels

High-performance industrial films and adhesives or “durable labels” resist efforts to destroy, damage or tamper with a product. Ameri-Cal offers label makers, printers and die cutters the expertise to properly match films with a labeling adhesive that meets specifications for a wide temperature range and across multiple types of packaging surfaces or extreme environments. Food delivery doesn’t usually pose an extreme environment. However, other types of applications do. Ameri-Cal adhesives bond tightly within a broad spectrum of temperatures and resist chemical interference much better than the competition.

Ameri-Cal void films produce a tamper evident “void pattern” when these films are paired with our line of high-performance pressure sensitive adhesive products. In addition, Ameri-Cal can create immediate destruct or delayed destruct films for short term repositionability of the label.

A wide range of industries use durable, industrial labels and stickers for identification needs, including automotive and aerospace to oil and gas as well as medical and electronic equipment. A durable or void seal might be used on the hard drive of a computer, or even on cylinders of oxygen, placed over the valve to secure the contents. A label or sticker might supply calibration parameters for sensitive equipment or indicate proper inspection of the gas pump. In many states, consumers apply their own durable labels when placing the renewal sticker on a car or truck license plate. Contact us today so we can develop the right solution for your business.

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