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New Head of Ameri-Cal Corporation Jess Heid Assumes Role at Historic Time

Heid Smoothly Transitions to President During Pandemic and Economic Upheaval

MEDINA, Ohio (September 18, 2020) — Ameri-Cal Corporation, a manufacturer of custom adhesive solutions and quality pressure-sensitive products, announced the promotion of Jess Heid to President of the company, located in Medina, Ohio. Heid represents the third generation of family ownership and leadership, succeeding her father, Jay Vigneault, after his own father started the business in 1968.

Jess Heid, President of Ameri-Cal Corp.
Jess Heid, President

Heid was serving as vice president of operations and assumed her role as president on June 1, 2020, after two years of training and planning for this transition. Vigneault selected Heid as successor due to her natural abilities and depth of knowledge of the company and its processes.

Vigneault said of Heid, “She took over amidst a historic global pandemic. Our kids are living it and the grandkids will read about it in their history lessons. But she did a great job and all of the employees and customers felt secure.”

Vigneault said, “Jess deserves to be recognized. Our core values are integrity, passion and innovation and she exemplifies all three.  Jess is a tireless worker, intelligent, organized and very systems oriented, who got us ISO certified in record time. Selecting a company leader isn’t just about that individual; it affects the employees, their families and the community at large.”

Heid takes her place in a unique position as the female head of a manufacturing firm in a field where even female sales representatives can be scarce and women presidents rarer still. “I’m very proud to be a female in manufacturing and continue the business. Everyone has been very supportive.”  

Jay Vigneault remains on the company’s board of directors, which meets regularly for discussions on strategic planning, resource management, capital improvements and long term, strategic hires. Their vision for ideal company growth is seven to ten percent per year.  

Heid started working in the family company as a side job to make some extra money while in high school. She originally earned a degree in education and taught elementary school for several years. The pivot point came when Heid was diagnosed at age 29 with thyroid cancer, a period of soul searching that led her to consider questions such as: “What is most important in my life? What do I want my legacy to be?” 

Said Heid, “There is something extra special about the opportunity and blessing we have to carry forward a family company for another generation. My decision was clear.  

“And I look forward to passing on the legacy should anyone in the next generation want to continue the business. For now, my goals are to help customers solve problems through creative product solutions, create a thriving future for our family, our employees and their families and to support Medina as a community for the long term.”  

Ameri-Cal Corporation supplies quality pressure-sensitive products and custom adhesive solutions to industrial clients nationwide. Now in its third generation of family leadership, the company’s goal remains to exceed customer expectations through a combination of integrity and innovation.  For more information visit or call 330-725-7735.  

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