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Precision Toll Slitting Service: Key Benefits

Outsourcing precision toll slitting makes economic sense for many firms; it means they don’t have to purchase specialized machinery or devote the space to a process that is a specialty for other firms. Other times, materials might enter the warehouse that don’t fit specifications and rolls are too large to fit on the machinery. 
Regardless of the reasoning behind the outsourcing decision, customers who use Ameri-Cal quickly learn to appreciate benefits far beyond simple economics.  

Slitting is a process that cuts a wider roll of material into a number of narrower parts. Ameri-Cal offers sheer, razor and grooved roller cutting capabilities. We can convert plastic film, paper, and liner materials from 2 to 60 inches wide and up to a 32-inch roll diameter.  Ameri-Cal machinery offers 3-inch or 6-inch core capabilities. Three-inch cores are either paper or plastic and 6-inch cores are usually paper, although plastic is available.  

See our full list of materials that we can slit. Some common materials brought in for precision toll slitting include: 

  • LDPE 
  • Polyester 
  • Paper 
  • Pressure sensitive products  


Ever paid a sudden visit to one of your suppliers? Ameri-Cal takes pride in its plant appearance. It cleans between each job and spur-of-the-moment visits from customers are welcomed. Beyond an impressive visual appearance, this cleanliness offers ancillary benefits to toll slitting clientele. The cleanliness ensures that when slitted material needs further processing: 

  • The surface is free of contaminants 
  • Coatings such as lamination will be smooth 
  • Surfaces will print clearly without streaking 
  • Adhesives coverage will be thorough 

Turnaround Times and Tolerances 

Businesses can turn to any toll slitter but the reason they return to Ameri-Cal is due to short lead times and turnaround. General turnaround times average from 7 to 10 business days. Ask about blanket orders for scheduled, timed shipments for slitted material.   

An additional reason companies trust Ameri-Cal is the quality output of slitted materials. We offer tight tolerances, with its razor and groove rollers calibrated to within 1/16th of an inch. The maintenance department works diligently to avoid knife wobble issues for a straight slit. Materials emerge after slitting is ready for printing, die cutting or further processing, without causing alignment issues.  


The staff at Ameri-Cal count their tenure at the company by the decade. Care and personal attention are ingrained in the daily work ethic. There are clear expectations for quality controls and every staff member, due to the length of experience, can make mechanical adjustments during the slitting process.  

Certain materials such as LDPE films require extra attention. LDPE films can be stretchy — too much or too little tension can cause issues when slitting the material. The staff keeps a close eye on quality control for every job, ensuring that every roll of material designated for precision toll slitting receives the careful attention to detail and fine-tuning during processing for a finished job that falls well within tolerances.  

We look forward to discussing your precision toll slitting needs and how they match our capabilities. Call us today at 330-725-7735

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