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Toll Coating Company: Value of Outsourcing

Numbers don’t lie. A Forbes consulting company found while studying 2,000 companies over the course of ten years that only one in 10 achieved sustained, profitable growth. One activity set the winners apart. Study results said, “they often use capability sourcing in more innovative ways than their competitors.”

There are two reasons why companies might outsource a service such as coating. The two reasons are to gain capabilities they don’t have in-house or to strengthen capabilities they do have. Outsourcing a service such as toll coating to a manufacturer like Ameri-Cal corporation can help:

  • Cut costs
  • Expedite projects
  • Build a partnership that captures value and reduces risk

Cut Costs/Increase Efficiencies

You might have coating machinery but lack available capacity. Then a project you bid on months or a year ago has finally come to fruition. Or a job came in that is small in size but huge in importance to build or cement a business relationship with a desirable customer.

Rather than pass on that opportunity, turn to Ameri-Cal and rely on our decades of expertise and highly trained staff to get the job done right.

It is expensive to add new lines and can take months to train a new coating crew. Whether you own coating equipment but cannot add another shift in a timely fashion or need an expert to create a custom adhesive that meets stringent specifications while adhering to lean manufacturing techniques, trust Ameri-Cal. We supply the best quality at the most reasonable price, saving you the cost of equipment and the time and effort it takes to find and train new staff.  

Expedite Projects

Our geographical proximity in Medina County means businesses located in and around the area experience a more rapid turnaround time and reduced shipping times and costs. 

We also understand the need for exclusivity and regularly work with confidentiality agreements. Customers are welcome to view their runs for quality assurance control.

Emergency Preparedness

The power goes out. Equipment breaks down and parts are on order. What happens to your project? Even in cases of extreme emergency we have developed a contingency plan to keep your work on schedule. We have a relationship with another coater that includes reciprocity for redundancy agreements.


At Ameri-Cal we partner with our customers to develop practically engineered solutions for problems or applications. We are a full-service toll coating company offering capabilities from designing face stock to investigating and applying the proper adhesive to slitting, sheeting and more.

We can help you retain or win new business by trouble-shooting and developing solutions to challenging coating situations with solvent or water-based adhesives.

Ameri-Cal handles projects of all sizes from seasonal runs that might be too small for other businesses to fit into their production schedule in a timely fashion, to year-round projects on blanket orders for durable goods manufacturers.


Continuous upgrades with new technologies allow us to achieve higher quality with faster turnaround times. We offer the latest in both solvent or water-based adhesive technologies. Our capabilities allow for adhesive coatings up to 6 mils dry and 36 inches wide. Ameri-Cal can pattern coat and provide dry edges to eliminate edge ooze problems.


Our strength lies in the individual attention we give to each project, with a solution designed to fit your specifications rather than a generic, catalogue approach.

What performance level do you require from your adhesive? Low-, mid-range or high performance? We can help evaluate the right stock and adhesive coating depending on the type of tests and trials your materials need to withstand, from automotive or outdoor equipment applications to electronics, health and beauty products or the security industry. We make coatings that can withstand any work environment or stress so your end product has the proper lifespan.

Trust Ameri-Cal with your next toll coating project. Call us at 330-725-7735 or get more information on our toll coating services and discover how we can help you with your custom adhesives.

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