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UV Overlaminate Film (Pressure Sensitive) for Adhesives, Graphics and Signs

Ameri-Cal offers UV overlaminates that protect colored ink from direct exposure to sunlight – preventing your graphics from becoming faded and discolored for up to 10 years. 
We are experts in material science, applying years of laboratory experience to formulate and mix UV stabilizers directly into the adhesives. The UV stabilizers provide protection against direct sunlight coming from multiple angles. This is important, especially for graphics that will be placed on the windshield of a vehicle, such as a parking pass.

Common Applications

UV overlaminate films are commonly used by universities and businesses that issue vehicle parking passes. Without an overlaminate, those graphics would quickly fade and become unreadable. In addition to universities and business, UV overlaminates are commonly used by municipalities and utility companies to protect graphics and signage placed on telephone and powerline poles – such as hazard warnings and safety messages.


Along with standard applications, we can work with you to create a custom pressure sensitive UV overlaminate film for your unique application. Whether you need an anti-graffiti film with UV stability or an overlaminate to protect vinyl lettering, we can formulate and produce the ideal solution for you.  

When standard pressure sensitive solutions fail, contact our team to discuss the development of a custom adhesive system – including UV overlaminate options.

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