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Custom Adhesive Products to Fit Your Specific Requirements

We design our adhesive systems to provide the right product for your application instead of limiting your options to “off the shelf” choices. Ameri-Cal’s in-depth knowledge and rich history of adhesive systems and processing techniques allow for nearly limitless customization capabilities to fit your application needs.

In-House Lab Allows for On-Site Research & Development

Ameri-Cal’s adhesive chemistry includes high-performance acrylic and rubber-based polymers that can be either emulsion or solvent based with coat weights ranging from 0.8 to 6.0 dry mils. Our full-service lab is equipped to allow for in-house research and design, which gives us the ability to develop and test countless variations of any custom adhesive products without having to expend the time or money on an outside lab’s resources.

Extensive Experience with Many Adhesive Types

  • Acrylic adhesives are optimal for long-term use due to their ability to withstand UV light, high temperatures, and chemical exposure.
  • Rubber adhesives are a cost-effective solution with decent tack and shear properties. They can be composed of either natural or synthetic elastomers, which offer slightly varying advantages.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Our “Green Initiative” is dedicated to continually reducing the environmental impact of both Ameri-Cal’s manufacturing and intended usage of our products. As a result of superior emulsion adhesive performance, the use of solvent adhesives in certain applications can sometimes be eliminated thereby limiting incineration amounts.

Contact Ameri-Cal or call 330-725-7735 today to learn how we can develop the high-performance adhesives and other solutions for your unique needs.

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