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Advanced Adhesive Transfer Films

Adhesive transfer films are essentially glue on liners without any carrier or backing. These films are used in many bonding and laminating applications ranging from graphics to gaskets and flexible circuitry. To apply, simply press the tape adhesive side down to a surface and then peel off the liner.

Both of our unsupported transfer adhesives (UTA) and double-coated products (DCP) are available with a single or double liner. Whatever the adhesive-type or construction requirements, Ameri-Cal can develop a transfer film equipped to perform for your application.

Our Adhesive Transfer Films Solve Complex Problems


  • Ultra Clear
  • High Ink Adhesion
  • Custom Thicknesses
  • UV Inhibition
  • Pigmentation
  • Custom Formulations


  • Self Wound
  • Double Liners
  • Supported
  • Unsupported
  • Block-Out Carrier Film
  • Dry Edges/Non-Ooze

Many of our products service high-performance membrane switch and demanding environmental applications, such as high heat and corrosive chemical conditions. If you are in need of specialty performance transfer films, we have experience developing these adhesives to accommodate non-picking liners, pattern coating and differential sided DCP.

Ready to leverage our expertise and empower your operations with premium adhesive transfer films? Contact our team today.

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