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Release Liners: Choose Yours Wisely

What is the value of something that is discarded the instant its used? In the case of release liners, while the actual cost is on the low end, its impact…

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Toll Coating Company: Value of Outsourcing

Numbers don’t lie. A Forbes consulting company found while studying 2,000 companies over the course of ten years that only one in 10 achieved sustained, profitable growth. One activity set…

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Adhesive Release Film: Common Problems

While much consideration goes into the selection of face films and adhesives, the release liners are often an after-thought as the disposable part of a pressure sensitive solution.  However, release liners are…

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Face Films: 3 Commonly Used Materials

Face films can have chemical and physical surface treatments that enhance ink adhesion for digital, UV, thermal transfer, and other printing methods.  Face films can be used in other applications…

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A Sticky Decision: Choosing the Right Custom Adhesive Product

Have you ever found yourself “stuck” with a product? Like when the standard adhesive products you’ve tried just aren’t delivering the results you need for your pressure sensitive product.  Ameri-Cal is…

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